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2018 Highlights

Essex Wedding Photographer

As we have just come to the end of 2018, it seems quite apt for me to do a post about some of my favourite images of the year. This definitely isn’t an exhaustive list and they might not be the best or most well-composed images but they are the ones that I love and really speak to me the most.

As I’ve already said, it has been a great year and I have met tonnes of great people and seen so many amazing venues, new and old, big and small. I have covered tiny intimate weddings and huge multi-day Indian weddings and every single one is so different, every single one is unique. And that is what I love about them! Being an Essex Wedding Photographer, I really get to enjoy these and share so many great experiences with people.

I have covered fantastic ceremonies across Essex, in my bid to create amazing Essex Wedding Photography. These venues include: Braxted Park, the Old Brook Barn, Barnston Lodge, Ingatestone Hall, Hyland’s Park and many many more! That is the beauty of being an Essex Wedding Photographer. We have so many great wedding venues in this beautiful county. Furthermore though I have been lucky enough to cover weddings outside the county, at the impressive Temple Church in London, at the Old Granary Barns in Suffolk and Kesgrave Hall near Ipswich for example.


Essex Wedding Photographer

Doing Wedding Photography means I get to travel like this and see so many beautiful places, people and experiences across the country. I hope that this post lets you into these experiences and helps you to understand how my photography can also work for your special wedding day. If you want to see more, get some more details or just want a chat with me then feel free to WhatsApp me with the button on your left, email me or just contact me through my contact page.

I’ve selected these Wedding Photographs for this post because they represent and show some of my favourite moments; moments of joy, love, happiness and sometimes sheer hilarity. Other show the happiness between the couples and reflect the beauty of nature that our country has to offer. And, we have been seriously lucky with that beautiful golden sunlight this year! I have also tried to break my favourite photos down into a typical wedding day, organising them by time; from getting ready to the ceremony and then onto the evening.

Leez Priory Wedding Essex

Furthermore, and while I am on the topic of looking back, longing at and, celebrating 2018; it only seems fair to also give a lovely shout out to my favourite people that have helped me this year and always do a great service for me. Firstly, I’d love to mention Butterfly Culture. Butterfly Culture is an amazing, modern and refreshing makeup and beauty blog and, hopefully for the new year as she expands the site and pushes for great new content, Robyn will be making the site a beautiful lifestyle hub too. I have worked with Robyn a lot over the past few years and have helped her get her site up and running, and it was a pleasure working with her in the early days as we were creating some great content through photography for the site. She is always a great help to me and very friendly! If anyone ever needs those beauty tips, lifestyle, fashion or just anything in general – don’t hesitate to contact her!

Secondly, I’d like to thank two great guys who helped me on my first styled shoot earlier in the year. It may have been extremely challenging for me after some serious last minute let-downs but these guys showed how great they are and, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Firstly, it would be a big shout out to Jenna at Wonderland Invites. She made some of the most unique, colourful and thoughtfully designed wedding stationary that I have ever seen. Every detail was thought of by her and these looked stunning in our photos – and would look even more so at the real thing! 

Ingatestone Hall Wedding

Thirdly, it would be to Kelly at Miss Fleur Floral Design. Once again, she was absolutely amazing and when you think of a great wedding supplier, this is absolutely everything you would need. The flowers that I asked her for for our shoot were so different to the original brief and to the normal types of bouquet that she gets asked for. However, a credit to her character and her skills, she went out of her way to provide some incredible bright floral artwork for our shoot. I am still amazed with how lush these looked and how beautifully fragrant they were. This was an absolutely incredible experience.

It is always so important to have contacts like these and to keep in touch with just generally great individuals. And for 2018 these were the people that really deserve a shoutout in this post!! I really look forward to this new year and all the challenges and new opportunities that will come with it for all of us to strive towards and achieve. And, I cannot wait to photograph all of the exciting weddings that I have lined up for this year at some incredible venues!

Anyway… I hope you enjoy these photos, and I look forward to hearing from you about how we can make some great new memories for 2019. So here’s to a happy New Year! Welcome 2019!!

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