Now where do I start with this wedding? Lets start with the venue, and wow! What a venue! This is a place tucked away in the beautiful Kentish countryside, nestled amongst agricultural fields and beautiful homes there is this sprawling estate of Bore Place. It is a fantastic country house with so much more there, amazing scenery, cows (you’ll see more later!) and beautiful barns. Sounds like a perfect place for a wedding doesn’t it? It certainly didn’t disappoint.

There were so many little parts of the venue that I wanted to capture, so many quirky features and beautiful touches that the bride and groom and all of their family had tirelessly worked on to really bring the place to life. Lovely flowers, gorgeous name tags, and little bits of the Orient included also. This was a wedding that really brought some personal touches and was really big on family and that’s why it was so great.

The ceremony was something that was also unique, a lot of effort had clearly gone in here to choose the perfect celebrant to give everyone a ceremony with a difference. This was really what the couple wanted, a day about them that they could share with their family. So personal, so close and so unique. It really was magnificent to be part of something like this and I hope the photos get across even a fraction of what this felt like to experience.

As the day went on, this wedding just kept giving, not only did with have great fun with some amazing bride and groom prep, and this amazingly unique ceremony for everyone to enjoy, we also go to enjoy some amazing weather for some beautifully golden, sun-kissed couple photos. These were great to take from my perspective, it was a real focus to make sure these were relaxed, not super-posed, just to show the true feelings between the couple.

We also managed to visit the cows – I said I’d mention these later! Unfortunately at this point the rain was bucketing down but we still got to get up close to the lovely cows and give them some love! Thankfully as well, after this the rain eased off and we got to do another great part of any wedding day and experience a huge confetti line! This was all followed by some fabulous food from Bore Place and then a vibrant and super-buzzing party for hours into the evening.

Such a great day and such a great experience for everyone! I hope you all enjoy seeing the photos as much I enjoyed the day!

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Bore Place Wedding Photography