Braxted Park  // Braxted, Essex

This was a great experience for me to do some Braxted Park Wedding Photography. It is an experience for anyone to visit the extremely impressive Braxted Park for any occasion – an incredible Manor House tucked away in the peaceful Essex countryside. This visit was extra special for everyone involved however, as it was an incredible all-day celebration, party and wedding!

The day started at a very fresh time of 8AM! Starting at this time for some Braxted Park Wedding Photography was great and saw the exhilaration that the groom and his friends felt extended for even longer. As they got ready at a nearby hotel, there was a good amount of laughing and ribbing between these friends. As they made their way down from the hotel room, following the groom in a very dapper and majestic outfit, they walked outside and into another great feature-piece, the wedding car.

Following everyone into the venue, the sheer scale and magnitude of the venue really feels you with an amazing feeling as you drive down the long and breathtaking driveway, leading up to the venue. Throughout the day, this venue provided a great setting for many raucous happenings and a very lively day. It really was a great experience for everyone involved! After a very interesting ceremony and a great celebration by all of the guests, there was a (not-so) quick costume change from the happy couple and some time to take some breathtaking photos with them in the grounds of this amazing place. We were super lucky with the beautiful golden tones of the sun shining down on this brisk autumn day!

After some lovely time with the couple, they both retreated to spend some time with their friends, cracking open some refreshments and getting ready for a great greeting from even more guests! As everyone arrived, drinks and merriment was abuzz at this great wedding. And as the evening flew on, there was no shortage of amazing jokes, amazing dancing, and amazing food!

Scroll down to see the Braxted Park Wedding Photography from this fantastic wedding at Braxted Park in Essex or click here to view other weddings that I’ve shot! What a truly amazing day for all!

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